2020 in Numbers

514 Wine Bottles Repurposed

The over-normalization of waste and exclusion of wine bottles from California’s Return Value (CRV) program, among other reasons, means that only 33% of waste glass is recycled in the US. To date, I’ve repurposed over 1,250 wine bottles and additional liquor bottles into candles and containers with a new purpose in homes across the US.

$662 Donated

I’m proud to be able to continue to donate a portion of my sales to the non-profit cat programs at my alma maters, Cal Poly SLO’s Cat Program and UC Davis’ Orphan Kitten Project. My hope with these continued donations that support the fostering, medical care and adoption of countless cats between these two groups is that every new pet will go on to bring a reciprocation of unconditional love and joy to their humans’ lives.

700 Pounds of Soy Wax Used

Soy wax is made from hydrogenated soy bean oil - a renewable resource. The wax I used is grown and produced in the United States. It comes in large 45-50 lb boxes of thin shavings, and on its own doesn’t really have a scent. Soy wax is recognized for its slow-burning quality that creates long-lasting candles.