I began making candles in upcycled wine bottles in 2017. As my business continues to grow, repurposing will always be one of my core values. That's why I offer multiple options for you to repurpose your candles after purchasing!

  • Refill

    Refills can be made in vessels from Fish & Chip Craft co. or anywhere else. Refills are a lower price compared to purchasing a new candle - choose from a list of 20+ fragrances. Refills cost just $2 per oz!

  • Reuse

    Your burned down Repurposed Glass Line candles can be brought back to me. Instead of refills on these candles, I will repurpose the wine bottle into a candle again! You receive a $5 store credit per bottle returned for reuse.

  • Customize

    Holding on to a sentimental wine or liquor bottle? I would be happy to create the perfect custom upcycled bottle candle for you. Pricing is $8/bottle + $2 per oz of candle poured.

  • At Home

    Not local to the Sacramento area, but still interested in a repurposing option? Carefully pour boiled water into your burned down candle; the wax will float to the top, cool and harden for easy removal. Clean with soap and water and reuse your container for the purpose of your choice at home!

  • Repurposing is now run primarily out of The Constellation Marketplace! Here's how it works:

    1. Drop off your burned down candle vessels at Constellation Marketplace anytime they're open, and fill out an order slip
    2. I will collect all refill orders on the first Friday of each month
    3. Look out for an email where you'll get to pick your scents
    4. I'll clean out the vessels, place new wicks and pour your candle refills
    5. Pay your invoice online (refills cost $2 per oz)
    6. Pick your candles up on the first Friday of the next month!

    You can also:

    • Drop off burned down wine bottle candles for a $5 credit per bottle on my products in store
    • Drop off bottles for custom upcycled bottle candles
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Are you a bottle shop or winery interested in ordering custom bottle candles to resell? Please click here instead!