I began making candles in upcycled wine bottles in 2017. As my business continues to grow, repurposing will always be one of my core values. That's why I offer multiple options for you to repurpose your candles after purchasing!

  • Refill

    Bring your candle safe containers to me for a refill! Refills can be made ini vessels from Fish & Chip Craft co. or anywhere else. Refills are a lower price compared to purchasing a new candle - choose from a list of 40+ fragrances all priced at $2/oz of candle poured with no minimum required.

  • Reuse

    Your burned down Repurposed Glass Line candles can be brought back to me. Instead of refills on these candles, I will repurpose the wine bottle into a candle again! You receive a $5 store credit per bottle returned for reuse.

  • Customize

    Holding on to a sentimental wine, beer, or liquor bottle? You can order a custom cut, sand and candle fill! I will be happy to work on creating the perfect custom upcycled bottle candle for you. Pricing is $8/bottle + $2/oz of candle poured - choose from 40+ fragrances!

  • At Home

    Not local to the Sacramento area, but still interested in a repurposing option? Carefully pour boiled water into your burned down candle; the wax will float to the top and cool for easy removal. Clean with soap and water and reuse your container for a purpose of your choice at home!


Are you a bottle shop or winery interested in ordering custom bottle candles to resell? Please click here instead!