Prop-Ups at Propagate Sac

Propagate is so much more than just a plant shop. This jungle oasis is located in Downtown Sacramento on 17th and I Streets. You can’t miss the front of the historic Victorian building with its gorgeous stain glass window panes.


You’ll find a front and back room full of a wide variety of plants as well as pots, accessories, and items great for gifting. And don’t worry about leaving the pups at home – dogs are enthusiastically greeted by employees with treats! Speaking of the people that work at Propagate – everyone is SO incredibly kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable about plants. They even have a plant lab where you can get assistance with things like drilling drainage holes or repotting your plants!


Sure, Propagate is so much more than just a plant shop in the way this space (and its exposed brick interior I just can’t get enough of) is also utilized for workshops, gatherings and events. But its also SO much than a plant shop in the way that this local business supports Sacramento’s local makers and the vendor community.


Propagate hosts a handful of makers every Saturday and Sunday through their Prop-Up Program. Every single weekend, they provide local small businesses that don’t operate out of their own brick and mortar store with the space and time to be out in front of the community – absolutely free of cost. I wish everyone knew and could recognize how incredible it is that Propagate does this for us local makers – and how much the opportunities they provide make a difference for our businesses!


As if they don’t go above and beyond to support local makers enough, they’ve been generous enough to host me indoors during the warmer months of the year – giving me the rare opportunity to be able to continue to sell the candles in person over the Summer!


Propagate is truly a gem, and I think it deserves so much recognition for the tremendous positive impact this business has for local makers in the vendor community. Beautiful plants – kind people – and building community by lifting up other small business and local makers!