The 2023 Holiday Tin Trio

Introducing the 2023 Holiday Tin Trio, featuring Harvest Glow, White Birch and Sugared Fig. 

I love putting together my tin trio sets for all of you - it all began with fragrance testing in early July! Sometimes I like to stick to a theme - like my Summer 2022 Tin Trio that was all floral inspired; my Spring 2023 Tin Trio that was influenced by fruit orchard trees; and of course my Summer 2023 Tin Trio which featured candles inspired by sweet treats at summer BBQ’s. 

During the holidays, I love creating tin trio candle sets that feature three totally unique fragrances that can be enjoyed across October-December, AND equally enjoyed if its not received until the December holidays as a gift and the candles are burned thereafter. So when I curated the Holiday Tin Trio for 2023, I sought out scents that transcend time from early Fall to late Winter. 

The first fragrance I settled on absolutely including in this year’s set is White Birch. This is a sophisticated version of the traditional winter pine candle scent. Notes of eucalyptus, mint, cypress and pine give it a unique aromatic crispness. Notes of smoke and tonka bean create a smooth and subtle base. 

The second fragrance I chose was Harvest Glow. This atmospheric, autumnal scent is altogether intriguing, warm and fresh. It features classic fall notes of Apple, Cinnamon and Clove, and becomes more complex as these notes are blended with Pine, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Cranberry and Cedar. 

In searching for a third and final fragrance to round on the set, I sought to include a fragrance with note classes that White Birch and Harvest Glow didn’t prominently feature - like floral, sweet, and spicy notes. I found the perfect fit in Sugared Fig. This fragrance offers a warm embrace for the Winter but could truly be enjoyed year round. Sumptuous notes of fig, sea salt and carmelized sugar are sweetened and brightened by middle notes of brown sugar and green floral. Dark musk and amber notes deepen the fragrance and give it its rich, enticing qualities. 

Developing the label designs for my tin trios always comes after fragrance selection, because I need the fragrances to inspire my (mediocre but evolving) design skills! Another influence in this year’s design was the upgrade to new soft gold tins - I’m so excited about this change and plan to keep it around for all tin trios moving forward. This year, I made another change to the tin trio candles that I’ve desired to make for a long time now - you’ll notice that each individual candle will now feature a wrap label in addition to the top label placed on the lid. I hope you’ll love this added touch! 

As usual, when shopping the tin trio, you’ll notice you have the option to purchase the set ‘boxed’ or ‘unboxed’. Purchasing the candle set boxed has a few perks. It makes for a ready-to-give gift. If its the only thing you purchase in an order from my shop, it also doubles as a filler-free shipping box - an admittedly big perk for me that makes these extra easy and quick to ship out to you on their own! Purchasing the set unboxed also has its perks - including if you plan to break up the set for multiple gifts, and if you’re interested in the option for minimizing packaging. 

I loved putting together the Holiday Tin Trio 2023 for all of you, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!