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Lavender Sage Repurposed Glass Line Candle

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Notes - Lavender, Camphor, Sage, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Chamomile

9.5 oz of natural soy wax above the punt | pthalate-free fragrance oils | lead- and zinc- free wicks

These candles are made in repurposed glass wine bottles that are cut, sanded and finished by the maker herself. Please note the glass bottle shape, size and color shades may vary as the bottles are repurposed from multiple sources.

Notes from the maker:

This is the fragrance that made me love lavender for the first time in my life. The soft lavender in this fragrance blend is not overly floral as it’s made more earthy by the sage, rosemary, cedar and sandalwood notes that envelop it. This herbal lavender blend is exceptionally calming, and great for lavender lovers - but I also hear constantly from customers that much like me, this is the first lavender candle they’ve ever enjoyed.